About Caddi Caddi September 20, 2021

About Caddi

Caddi was started with a desire to offer an easily accessible exercise catalog for therapists

The development of Caddi and CaddiMoving has taken place continuously – on the one hand the development of exercises and texts, and on the other hand the development of the digital platform.

All processes are carried out by Caddi – from planning photo shoots to selecting images and text to exercises, editing images, etc.

It is our goal that Caddi should be used in the Nordic countries as well as English- and German-speaking countries. It is our expectation that the professional development across the subject in several countries will be able to add a developing dimension to Caddi.

Caddi is today used by thousands of health-related professionals in Denmark in municipalities, hospitals, clinics, private companies, insurance companies, chiropractors, doctors, etc.

Caddi is also used on a smaller scale in Sweden, Norway, England, Spain, Australia, Austria and others.

It has to be easy

It is fundamental to us that the time in front of the screen is reduced for our customers.

The less time our customers spend on Caddi, the more time they have with the customers. That is why we are constantly working to develop the platform so that it is always easy and fast to work with.