Privacy Policy Caddi September 20, 2021

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LAST UPDATED: September 2, 2021


This privacy policy applies to all the products, services, websites and apps offered by Caddi ApS and associated organizations (collectively referred to as “Caddi ApS”), unless otherwise stated. In the present policy, we collectively refer to these products, services, websites and apps as “services”.

References to “data” in this Privacy Policy are a reference to any data that you use our services to collect, be it responses, data collected through responses, or data collected through Solutions, which we host – it’s all your data! References to personal information, or simply information, means information about you personally that we collect or for which we act as a manager.

Information we collect

2.1 Who is “you”?

We often refer to “you” in this Privacy Policy. You can gain a better understanding of what information is most relevant to you if you look at the following useful definitions.

You have purchased a service through one of our trainers.

Trainer / Therapist: 
You have received data from a user, and continuously follow the data the user sends to you.

Website Visitors: 
You are just visiting one of our websites because you are curious!

2.2 Information we collect about you

Contact information (eg an email address)

You may provide us with your contact information, either through the use of our service, a form on our website, an exchange of words with our sales or customer support team or an answer to one of Caddi ApS’s own surveys.

User information

We collect user information about you whenever you interact with our websites and services. This includes which web pages you visit, what you click on, when you perform these actions, what language you prefer, and so on.

Device and browser data

We collect information from the device and application that you use to access our services. Device data mainly includes your IP address, operating system version, device type, system and performance information, and browser type. If you are on a mobile device, we also collect UUIDs for that device.

Information from sidetags

We use third-party registration services, which use cookies and page tags (also known as web signals) to collect data about visitors to our websites. This data includes usage and user statistics. E-mails from Caddi ApS or from users via our service may include page tags, which allow the sender to collect information about who opened these e-mails and clicked on links in them.

Log file data

Like most other websites today, our web servers keep logs that record data each time a device accesses the servers. The log files contain data on the nature of each access, incl. the sender’s IP address, ISPs, the files viewed on our site (eg HTML pages, graphics, etc.), operating system versions, device type and timestamps.

Reference information

If you access a Caddi ApS website from an external source (such as a link to another website or in an email), we will record information about the source that referred you to us.

Information from third parties and integration partners

We collect your personal information or data from third parties if that third party has given you permission to share your information with us or if you have made that information publicly available online.

If you are a user, we also collect:

Account information

Registration information

You must have a Caddi ApS account before you can use Caddi’s services. When you use an account, we collect first and last name, username, password and email address.

Billing information

If you make a payment via Caddi ApS, you must provide your billing information, name, address, e-mail address and financial information that corresponds to the chosen payment method (eg a credit card number and expiration date or a bank account number). If you provide a billing address, we will treat it as the account holder’s location to determine which Caddi ApS entity you have a contract with.

Account settings

You can set various preferences and personal information. For example, your standard language, time zone and communication preferences (eg registration or unsubscribing from receiving marketing communication from Caddi ApS).

Some of our services also require that we collect the following data on your behalf:

Profile data

When you sign up for our services, you will be asked to provide us with information about yourself as well as give us a more detailed insight into who you are.

How we use the information we collect

3.1 User

We process personal information about you either with your consent or to:

fulfill our contractual responsibility regarding the provision of services to you

pursue the legitimate interests of Caddi ApS in connection with:

improve service experience

develop new products and service features.

In each of the cases in which we describe how we use your data in this Privacy Policy, we have identified which of the relevant treatment grounds we use.

You have given consent for us to use certain types of cookies on our websites. We use in particular:

Page tags and web signals

We collect information from page tags and web beacons so we can determine the success of our campaigns.

We use the data in question to personalize online marketing campaigns so that they are relevant to you and your use of our services. When you remove your cookies in your browser settings, you can no longer see personal messages in that way, but you will continue to see advertisements on the Internet that are not based on the information you provided to Caddi ApS.

We process your personal information in the following data categories based on legitimate interests that we pursue and that are described in detail in this Privacy Policy. We are committed to ensuring that we impose clear restrictions on each of the uses in question so that your privacy is respected and only the information necessary to achieve those legitimate objectives is used. Our primary goal is to improve and ensure that our services and messages are relevant to all our users, while also ensuring that all users’ personal information is respected and protected.

Contact Information

We use contact information to answer your queries, send you information as part of the services and to send you marketing information (as long as you do not report).

We use information about how you use our services so that we can improve our services for you and all users.

Device data

We use device data both to troubleshoot problems with our services and for improvements. We also derive your geographical location based on your IP address.

Device and browser data: We collect these so that we can improve your service experience through a specific device or browser by optimizing how the website looks in a particular browser, how your screen brightness affects your experience and to ensure that the service works optimally and as it should on different devices and browsers.

Log file data

We use log file data for many different business purposes, including to:

monitor abuse and troubleshooting

create new services, features, content or offer recommendations

record behavior at a collective / anonymous level to identify and understand trends in the various interactions with our services.

solve problems and troubleshoot product functionality.

Your IP address is used to determine how unknown / unauthorized access may have occurred in your account (abuse monitoring).

Third parties and integrations

We will collect and use information from third parties and integration partners to:

ensure that you sign up for our service from a third-party integration, such as Facebook / LinkedIn / Microsoft / Google / SSO

personalize our services for you

ensure that you can use our service with other services.

Service and marketing use


We combine information about you from third-party sources with information we have about you, to create a user profile that can make our sales and marketing efforts more relevant to you, and to personalize and improve your service experience.

Machine learning

We use machine learning techniques for certain data to offer users useful statistics and more relevant understanding and better use of data.

For the administration of our services, we will also use your information and data internally for the following limited purposes:

Implementation of our agreements where applicable

Prevention of possible illegal activities

Review to prevent unwanted or shady activity. We have e.g. automated systems that review content for phishing activities, spam and fraud.

Legal applications

We may be required to use and disclose information or data that we hold for you, to respond to requests for legal assistance or to prevent fraud. If we receive a subpoena or other legal request, we may be required to inspect the data we hold to determine how we should respond.

We collect and use the following data on the basis that we need to use this information to comply with our contract with you:

Your account information

We will need to use your account data to keep your account running, provide services, charge you for our services, provide customer support and contact you about your service or account. Occasionally, we will send you transaction notifications (e.g., service-related notifications, billing-related questions, changes to our services or policies, a welcome email once you have signed up). You can not unsubscribe from those messages, as they are necessary for us to provide our services to you.

Your profile

We treat other matters in your account information (such as the personal information you provide about your job, your position and your marketing preferences) based on legitimate interests, such as offering you a personalized experience and relevant and useful marketing information, as well as recommending other products, features and services. to you to optimize your use of the services we offer.

You may object that we use your data as described above, but our ability to provide our services to you in a complete and proper manner may be affected if you do not want us to collect or use the above data.

Information you share

Many of our services let you share information with others. Remember that when you share information publicly, it can be indexed by search engines. Our services give you various options for sharing and deleting your content, but we cannot delete content from search engines, so you need to be careful about the information you publish.

Information we share: 
Partners and integrations

We do not share your information or data with third parties outside Caddi ApS except in the following limited situations:

To help us deliver certain aspects of our services, we make use of our associates and primary trusted partners – we engage third parties in particular to:

make it easier for customers to make credit card payments.

deliver and help us keep track of our marketing and advertising content.

help us keep track of conversion metrics on our website.

manage our sales and customer support services for you.

We enter into confidentiality agreements and conditions for data processing with partners to ensure that they comply with the highest standards of confidentiality and best practice in the field of privacy and security, and we regularly review these standards and methods.

Pr. your instructions, we share your information or data if you choose to use an integration in connection with Caddi ApS services, to the extent necessary to facilitate the use in question.

We also share information or data to:

comply with any applicable law, provision, lawsuit or enforceable request from the Government.

enforce relevant policies, including investigating potential infringements.

detect, prevent or otherwise tackle fraud, security or technical issues.

protect against damage to the rights, property or safety of our users, the public or Caddi ApS and / or as necessary or permitted by law.


We and our partners use cookies and similar technologies on our website to make our website easier to use.


If you use the function “Remember me” when you log in to your account, we store your username in a cookie to make it faster for you to log in every time you return to Caddi ApS.

For safety reasons

We use cookies to authenticate your identity and confirm whether you are currently logged in to Caddi ApS, or determine whether an incident affects you.

To give you individualized content.

We store user preferences, your default language, device and browser information, your profile information, which includes the level of use of service and the web pages on our website that you have viewed, so that we can individualize the content you see.

To improve our services

We use cookies to measure your use of our websites and keep track of referral data, as well as to occasionally display other versions of content to you. This information helps us develop and improve our services (it helps us focus on the parts of the service that you seem to be most interested in) and optimize the content we show you (which may include marketing content) .

To show you commercials

We, or our service providers and other third parties that we work with, place cookies when you visit our website and other websites, or when you open emails that we send to you, in order to provide you with more tailored marketing content (about our services or other services), and to evaluate whether this content is useful or effective. We evaluate e.g. which ads have been clicked on most often and whether these clicks led users to make better use of our tools, features and services. If you do not want to receive ads tailored to you based on your online activity, you can “unsubscribe” from many of the companies involved in such tailoring by going to, or, if you are a resident of the European Union, at Unsubscribing in this way does not mean that you will not receive any ads, it just means that you will not receive ads from such companies that have tailored ads to you based on your activities and derived preferences.

Google Analytics

In addition to the above, we have implemented certain Google Analytics features on our websites and other services that support text page advertising, including changed targeting. Visitors to our websites may opt out of certain types of Google Analytics tracking, customize Google Display Network ads using the Google Ad Preferences Manager, and learn more about how Google delivers ads by viewing its Customer Ads Help Center. If you do not want to participate in Google Analytics, you can also download the browser add-on which will unsubscribe you

Google Analytics

You can choose to remove or disable cookies via your browser settings.

Data storage

If you have an account with Caddi ApS, we do not delete the data in your account – you are responsible and control the time periods in which data is stored. There are control units in your account where you can or request to delete data at the account level (all data in your account).

Minor safety

Our services are not intended for and may not be used by minors. “Minors” are individuals under the age of 13 (or under the age of majority, if permitted by law at their place of residence). Caddi ApS does not intentionally collect personal information from minors or allow them to register. If we become aware that we have collected personal data from a minor, we may delete this information without notice. Contact customer support if you have reason to believe that this has occurred.

Privacy shield (relevant to our users in the EU)

Contact Caddi ApS as described in section 13 below, if you have questions or complaints of any kind. If you have any questions regarding data protection or data use that we have not resolved satisfactorily, please contact (at no charge to you) at

Changes to our Privacy Policy

We may make changes to this Privacy Policy from time to time. We will identify the changes we have made on this page. In situations where a change will significantly change the way we collect or use your personal information or data, we will notify all of our account holders of this change.

Individualized marketing

If you do not want to see individualized online marketing content related to our service, you can remove our cookies in your browser settings.

Your rights

Some of you (especially European users and those whose information we receive under the EU-US Privacy Shield) have certain legal rights to collect information about whether we store personal information about them, to access personal information that we have about them, and to obtain their correction, update, modification or deletion in relevant situations. Some of these rights may be subject to certain exceptions or limitations.

We will respond to your request to exercise these rights within a reasonable period of time (and in any event within 30 days of receipt of a request).

You have the following rights:

  • data access rights
  • right to limit treatment
  • right to remedy
  • right to delete (right to be forgotten)
  • right to object to treatment
  • right to revoke authorization

If you are a customer resident in the European Union, we can provide you with a list of subcontractors who assist Caddi ApS in providing the services.

Exercise of your rights

Our contact information in connection with data protection inquiries

Caddi ApS
Kongensgade 17, 1. th.
6700 Esbjerg


If you are a resident of the European Union and you are dissatisfied with the way we have handled a complaint that you have submitted to us, you are entitled to contact your local data protection regulator. As Caddi ApS operates in Denmark, it falls under the Danish Office of the Data Protection Commissioner (see: ODPC website)